Heathers the Musical Wikia

WARNING: Explicit Lyrics

"Fight for Me" is the third song of Act One of Heathers the Musical. Football jocks Ram Sweeney and Kurt Kelly try to beat up the new kid J.D., but he shocks the whole lunchroom by kicking their butts. Veronica Sawyer is impressed by J.D.’s strength and fearlessness, but also by his ability to cause havoc. After decrying cruelty and injustice in the first two songs, Veronica reveals a sly and slightly bloodthirsty side here too.

It’s telling that a lot of Veronica’s lyric consists of questions. It indicates both that she barely knows this kid, but also that deep down she questions whether violence, (however tempting) is the best way to solve the injustices at her school.


Holy shit! Holy shit!
Holy shit! Holy shit!
Holy shit! Holy shit!
Holy shit! Holy shit!
Holy shit!

Why when you see boys fight
Does it look so horrible, yet
Feel so right?
I shouldn’t watch this crap
That’s not who I am
But with this kid

Hey, Mr. No-Name-Kid
So who might you be?
And could you fight for me?
And hey
Could you face the crowd?
Could you be seen with me
And still act proud?

Hey, could you hold my hand?
And could you carry me
Through No-Man’s Land?
It’s fine if you don’t agree
But I would fight for you
If you would fight for me

Let them drive us underground
I don’t care how far
You can set my broken bones
And I know CPR

Well, woah
You can punch real good
You’ve lasted longer than
I thought you would
So, hey, Mr. No-Name-Kid,
If some night you’re free

Wanna fight for me? (Holy shit)
If you’re still alive (Holy shit)
I would fight for you (Holy shit, holy shit)
If you would fight for me (Holy shit, holy shit, Holy shit, holy shit!)