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Jason Dean, a.k.a. J.D., is a senior at Westerburg High School and Veronica Sawyer's boyfriend.


J.D.'s past is riddled with devastation. He lost his mother, Ms. Dean at a young age after she decided to step into a building that she knew her husband was about to blow up. Following the death of his mother, J.D. and his father frequently moved from city to city following his fathers career. He had primarily lived his life without making connections to fellow students because he knew it was only a matter of time until he would move away again. This happened before he moved to Westerburg High School, ultimately falling in love with Veronica Sawyer.


J.D. is a loner who immediately attracts the eyes of his soon-to-be girlfriend, Veronica Sawyer. His first interaction at school is a fight between him, Ram Sweeney, and Kurt Kelly, where he forms this bad boy persona. Veronica later finds out that he is a rather sweet and loving individual, but this is merely a mask for a much more sinister personality. In truth, J.D. has a twisted and manipulative mind that feels the need to purge the world of its evil, starting with the student body of Westerburg High School.


Act One:
In act one J.D gets in a fight with Ram Sweeney and Kurt Kelly, which causes people to start thinking of him as a bad boy and Veronica becomes attracted to him (Fight for Me). Later J.D walks into a 7-11 and meets Veronica. J.D then starts singing about why he likes 7-11 and why he loves slushies.
Later a drunk Veronica sneaks into his room through his window, singing the song "Dead Girl Walking" which is a song about Veronica wanting to have sex. J.D asks how she knew his address, which Veronica never would answer. J.D seems happy and then the musical shows them making out together and that is all the audience sees.
Act Two



Bud Dean (Father)

J.D. has a strained relationship with his father. They treat each other more as roommates than they do father and son. Bud is not often able to be there for his son, which gives J.D. the freedom to do what he wants, but also deprives him of the connection he should have with his dad.

Love Interests

Veronica Sawyer

J.D. is madly in love with Veronica and considers her the perfect partner to help purge the world of its evil. He manipulates her into helping him kill Kurt and Ram, and lets her believe that it's her fault that Heather Chandler died. However, after he starts to lose his perceived control of her, J.D. decides it best to kill Veronica. Despite all this, J.D. knows Veronica is a good person, and in the end, tells her that it isn't too late for her redemption.

Musical Numbers

Original Off-Broadway Musical Numbers

Act 1
Act 2

Original West End Musical Numbers

Act 1
  • "Freeze Your Brain" – J.D.
  • "Dead Girl Walking"Veronica & J.D.
  • "Our Love Is God"J.D., Veronica & Kurt
Act 2
  • "Seventeen"Veronica & J.D.
  • "Meant to Be Yours"J.D. & Company
  • "Dead Girl Walking (reprise)"Veronica, J.D., Ms. Fleming, & Company
  • "I Am Damaged"J.D. & Veronica