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Pauline Fleming is a counselor at Westerburg High School. She brings together the student body after Heather Chandler's untimely death and, although well-meaning, orchestrates a lot of unneeded publicity surrounding the situation.


Not much is said about Pauline Fleming's past, aside from the fact she didn't get the best outcome from the "free love" in the sixties but pictures it happening anyway... a fact the rest of the Westerburg High School staff make fun of when she suggested the students talk about their feelings as a method of suicide prevention (a suggestion that was responded to with the phrase "we'll let you know when the shuttle lands"). In her signature song "Shine A Light" she also mentioned that she cut her hair and had several prayers unanswered when she joined a cult, and that she became a mother to some children who grew up and left the house by the time the musical took place, and that her husband-- who may or may not be Steve-- left her. Whichever the case, she and Steve had an affair, but she wasn't satisfied with it because she faked it every single time they got together, and she had the nerve to say so when dumping him on public television. It is unknown how she became the school councilor in the high school, especially since it seems the rest of the staff don't really take her seriously.


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Her husband left and her kids are grown... judging by the way she mentioned that, she probably hadn't heard from them in a while.

Love Interests


Steve is Pauline's lover who she leaves during Shine a Light.

Musical Numbers

Shine A Light