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Veronica Sawyer is the main character of Heathers the Musical. She is a senior at Westerburg High School and is the best friend of Martha Dunnstock and Heather McNamara.


Veronica Sawyer has been friends with Martha Dunnstock since they were little kids. She is described by Kurt and Ram as "geeky and nerdy" and by H. Chandler as "a greasy little nobody".

Before joining the Heathers, Veronica had hopes of attending Harvard, Duke, or Brown Universities, and to visit France.

She sees the evil in people and wishes they could return to the kind, happy days of kindergarten.

She likes copying the handwriting of other people, reading, writing in her diary, playing croquet, and watching movies with Martha.


Act One
Veronica attends Westerburg High School and laments over the bullying and hatred that goes on there. She is in the girl's bathroom while the Heathers are stopped by Ms. Fleming and given detention for skipping class. She forges an absence note and gives it to the teacher; Ms. Fleming thinks it's legitimate and leaves them alone. Heather Chandler takes the note from her and notes how accurate of a forgery it is. Veronica then convinces them to let her sit at their table at lunch to get more popular. They agree and she successfully gains the approval of her classmates for becoming a Heather.
When Chandler learns of Martha Dunnstock's crush on Ram Sweeney, she tells Veronica to write a fake love letter to Martha. When Veronica refuses, she threatens to drop her from the inner circle. Veronica complies and gives the fake letter to Martha. She notices another student criticizing her for what she did, but she ignores him. He introduces himself as Jason Dean (or JD).
Later, Ram and Kurt Kelly antagonize JD, causing them to get in a fight. As Veronica watches it, she develops a crush on JD.
After school, Veronica and the Heathers play croquet. Chandler teases Veronica for her crush.
The Heathers are going to a party and Veronica is dropped off at the gas station to get corn nuts for Heather Chandler. Inside she spots JD again. He introduces himself more formally and reveals more to her about his life and how he constantly moves across the country because of his father's job. Heather comes inside and tells her to hurry, so she leaves.
At the party, Veronica is trying new drinks & drugs. Ram Sweeney is acting inappropriately with Heather Duke and Veronica stops him. Duke tells her she didn't need her help, and Veronica insults her bulimia disorder. Martha arrives and Veronica seems excited for her but a bit apprehensive about the fake note. The kids at the party dress the paper-meche pig up like Martha and get her to hit it like the party game. Veronica tries to tear the pig away from Heather Duke and drops it in Ram's pool. Then Veronica tells Martha to leave the party.
Chandler is furious and tells Veronica she's out of the circle. Veronica then responds by vomiting on her. Veronica leaves the party. She arrives at JD's house and they spend the night together. JD comes up with the idea of giving Chandler a cup of orange juice with milk, but secretly puts drain cleaner in it, killing Chandler. Veronica is horrified and JD convinces her to write a fake suicide note so they won't be charged for the murder.
Later, JD and Veronica are watching Duke on television. Veronica tells him to switch it off. She meets JD's father. Afterwards, Heather McNamara calls her and tells her it's an emergency and to come to the cemetery. Veronica arrives. Duke and McNamara are on a date with Ram and Kurt, and the two jocks are trying to have their way with the Heathers. Duke locks Veronica out of the car and Ram and Kurt try to get Veronica to sleep with them. Veronica manages to get away.
She is embarrassed about what happened and the ghost of Chandler visits her. At school, Duke and McNamara are cleaning out Chandler's locker, and Chandler's ghost is irritating Veronica. She tells Chandler to shut up, and Duke thinks she's telling that to her. She gets the coveted red scrunchie and deems herself the new lead Heather.
Kurt and Ram tell everybody that Veronica did sleep with them, and she is humiliated. She runs to JD for comfort, and he tries to fight the jocks, ending up losing. He tells her that they'll get revenge on Ram and Kurt. Later that night, Veronica calls Kurt and Ram and tells them to meet her in the cemetery at dawn. They write a suicide note that details the two's alleged gay love affair and how they had to commit suicide so they could be together. JD tells Veronica they'll use fake bullets to shoot them and they'll be laughing stocks.
At dawn, the plan goes into action. JD shoots Ram and Veronica misses Kurt. Veronica realizes that Ram is dead and she tells JD to wait, but he's already killed Kurt. JD tells Veronica that they are doing good work and they won't stop until they've killed every antagonizer at Westerburg.
Act Two



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Martha Dunnstock

Heather McNamara

Heather Chandler

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Musical Numbers

Original Off-Broadway Musical Numbers

Act 1
Act 2

Original West End Musical Numbers

Act 1
  • "Beautiful"Veronica Sawyer, H. Chandler, H. McNamara, H. Duke, Kurt, Ram, Martha, Ms. Fleming & Students
  • "Fight for Me"Veronica & Company
  • "Big Fun"Ram, Kurt, Veronica, H. Chandler, H. McNamara, H. Duke & Company
  • "Dead Girl Walking"Veronica & J.D.
  • "Veronica's Chandler Nightmare" † – H. Chandler & Company
  • "The Me Inside of Me"Veronica, H. Chandler, Cops, Principal, Coach, Ms. Fleming, & Company
  • "You're Welcome"Ram, Kurt, & Veronica
  • "Our Love Is God"J.D., Veronica & Kurt
Act 2
  • "Prom or Hell?"† – Veronica
  • "Seventeen"Veronica & J.D.
  • “I Say No” † – Veronica
  • "Dead Girl Walking (reprise)"Veronica, J.D., Ms. Fleming, & Company
  • "I Am Damaged"J.D. & Veronica
  • "Seventeen (reprise)"Veronica, Martha, H. McNamara, & Company


  • The musical shows how Veronica got in with the Heathers while in the movie she was already friends with them.
  • Barret Wilbert Weed played Veronica Sawyer in the OG Off-Broadway cast.
  • Barrett portrayed her for LA and first half of Off-Broadway in 2014. Charissa Hogeland was her understudy, but took over as the lead for Veronica on July 8th, 2014 after Barrett abruptly left the role.